Affordable DIY Home Security and Other Security Tips

How Predictability Affects Security Guard Patrols

If you want to beef up out-of-hours security around your building, then you may have decided to hire a company that offers mobile security guard patrols. You may not need to hire a full-time security guard, so regular patrols during the night look like a good option. Before you sign up to a service, you should think about scheduling. The predictability of your patrols can make a difference to how effective they are. Read More 

Truly Amazing Bomb Detection Dogs (and Not Quite Dogs)

Bomb detection dogs are a common sight at Australia's airports and harbours. These obliging helpers play a crucial role in identifying possible threats, and in contrast to the seriousness of their work, seem to have an enjoyable time in carrying out their role. Their service is invaluable, and the bond that they form with their handlers can be extraordinary. While detection dogs and their handlers can be the unsung heroes of Australia's security measures, there have been a number of remarkable detection dogs (and not quite dogs) who have played a role in making the world a safer place. Read More 

Reasons Training Is Important Once You Install Home Security Systems

Installing security systems at your home helps to protect your family from various threats. Upon installation, there is an operating manual that is given regarding the use of such security systems. However, the information provided in these manuals is limited and should be complemented by additional training on how to use the security systems. Below are various reasons why you should insist on proper training from your security company once you install home security systems. Read More 

3 Key Things to Have in Mind Before Installing CCTV in Your Home

Security is among the top priorities for many homeowners. Video surveillance will undoubtedly enhance the security levels of your home. CCTVs are the most effective video surveillance systems. However, for you to reap into the many benefits of this security measure, you have to know a thing or two about CCTVs. Different types of CCTVs are designed to meet various security needs. Therefore, knowing these 3 things before you install a CCTV security system in your home will ensure you get the most out of it. Read More 

Three Crucial Elements to Consider for Indoor Roller Blind Selection

If you are planning on replacing your current window treatments, you should consider installing indoor roller blinds. These are simple features, so they will boost the elegance of your home, without drawing too much attention. The blinds are made using flat fabric without embellishments. Therefore, the surfaces are easy to maintain and clean for optimal visual appeal and performance. In addition, indoor roller blinds will help you control your security, privacy and natural light flow. Read More 

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Affordable DIY Home Security and Other Security Tips

Hi, my name is Katrina, and after becoming the victim of a home burglary a few years ago, I took a lot of steps to make myself, my family and my home safer. However, I didn't have a lot of money to invest in my efforts. Luckily, I was able to figure out several ways to keep my home safe without spending a lot of money. I don't ever want anyone to be in the situation I was in – getting burglarised is scary and emotional. However, I know not everyone can afford fancy security systems. If you want ideas, projects, facts or help, please explore my blog.