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How to Keep Your Windows Open at Night Without Compromising Your Security

If you live on the groundfloor, your windows can look inviting to thieves and criminals. That can be scary and frustrating especially if you like to sleep with a cool breeze coming into the home. Luckily, there are ways you can keep your windows open without compromising your safety. Here are five products to consider:

1. A Dowel

If you have windows that open horizontally, open them slightly to let in air and place a dowel in the window track so no one can push the window open any further. You can buy dowels at most craft stores, or you can cut down a wooden broom handle to the right size.

If your windows open vertically, a dowel won't work. Instead, you can install sliding window stops. For a simple solution, drill screws into the window tracks and let them protrude a bit so you cannot open the windows past a certain point.

2. Security Screen

If you want to prevent anyone from even being able to touch your windows to try and open them, you need a security screen. Security screens are ideal for ground floor windows as well as for patio doors.

They feature strong mesh that cannot easily be broken or even cut through.

3. Security Bars

If you live in an especially dodgy area, you may want to reinforce all of your efforts with security bars. You can install these on the inside or the outside of your windows or outside of your security screens.

With a bit of creativity you can even make your own bars using PVC pipes filled with expanding foam and secured into a frame that fits over the window.

4. Security Shutters

Security shutters, often called cyclone shutters, protect your windows from flying debris in a cyclone as well as from thieves. These shutters can be installed outside your windows, and when your windows are open, security shutters can let in air while keeping out everything else.

5. Glass Break Detectors

If you want to ensure your security shutters, your security screen and your other security methods are as safe as possible. Consider installing security system elements on your windows.

Typically, security systems secure windows with the same type of magnetic seals that are used on secured doors. If the door or window is opened and the seal is broken, the alarm goes off. Because of that, magnetic seals do not work if you want your windows open.

Instead, you need to use a glass break detector. These detectors sit on the opposite side of the room, and if they sense the frequency of breaking glass, they trigger the alarm. If you have your window open slightly and the thief cannot push it open any further due to your dowel, the thief may decide to just break the glass. At that point, the glass break detector will sound the alarm.  

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