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How Predictability Affects Security Guard Patrols

If you want to beef up out-of-hours security around your building, then you may have decided to hire a company that offers mobile security guard patrols. You may not need to hire a full-time security guard, so regular patrols during the night look like a good option.

Before you sign up to a service, you should think about scheduling. The predictability of your patrols can make a difference to how effective they are. Why does this matter?

Times When Predictability Is Good

In some circumstances, you may want your security guards to be on site at certain times. If your business is targeted or at a higher risk at a given time out of office hours, then a security presence is a good deterrent.

For example, if your building is next to a park where teenagers hang out in the evening, and you've had problems with vandalism, then arranging to have patrols in the area during flashpoint times is a good idea.

Alternatively, if you're next to a nightclub and people are messing around in your grounds and trying to get into your building when they leave the club drunk, then consider having a mobile patrol car positioned outside the building when the club closes. The sight of security guards on the premises may make people think twice about messing around.

Times When Predictability Is Bad

While a security presence at given times can be useful, it can also work against you. Predictable patrols can give useful information to thieves who might want to break into your business.

For example, if you arrange for a mobile security patrol to visit your premises a few times a night to check they are secure, then you shouldn't ask the guards to turn up at the same times every night. If they do this, and someone is casing out your building, then they'll know when to break in and how much time they have to get out again.

It's better to arrange for a certain number of visits and checks that are staggered over the evening and night. Ideally, no two nights should run to the same schedule. If thieves know that security guards could turn up at any time, your building is a less attractive target.

To find out the best way to manage patrol schedules, ask security companies for advice. They will be able to talk you through your options and work out the best way to boost your nighttime security.

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