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Things To Consider Before You Hire A Security Guard Company

Security guards are ideal for a number of events, including a wedding, a VIP party, a concert and for education institutions that are in at-risk neighbourhoods. But before you hire a security guard company, you have to vet them to ensure that they can provide you with the full-range of services needed to provide adequate protection. So as you make your inquiries, here are the things you must consider.

Guard Background Investigation -- Any security guard company that you want to hire must have guards that have undergone background investigation checks. You can't just take the company's word for it, either; you must ask for documentation showing that a firm has conducted that check. The last thing you want is to hire a security guard who has a criminal background because that guard may be tempted to steal from you or your guests at an event. This is especially true at weddings in which gifts are prevalent and easily accessible. Background investigation checks include fingerprints, criminal history and any court action taken against someone.

Training -- It is also vital to determine the level of training that the guards of the security company have taken. For example, if the expertise level of the guards is limited to a few weekend courses, is that really a company you can depend on to keep you safe? On the other hand, a company whose training includes the latest in weapons technology, counter-terrorism, public relations, threat assessment and public security techniques is one that you have the confidence can handle a wide variety of incidents that may arise during the course of an event or a regular day.

Armed Or Unarmed? -- You also need to consider whether you want a security guard company that provides armed guards or unarmed guards. If you opt for armed guards, you need to check the weapons training given to each guard to ensure that they have have the requisite firearms training and licensing to prevent liability issues. Armed security guards will cost you more money because the security company has to provide increased liability insurance, and it also costs more to train guards in the proper ways to use weapons. Armed guards may not be a necessity at a function such as a wedding, but they may be required at VIP events, concerts and situations in which you are hiring security guards to act as bodyguards.

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