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Top Reasons to Consider Security Screen Doors for Your Home

Most homeowners today are very concerned about the security of their home and property, and especially so if they have children who are home alone after school or if the crime rate has gone up in their neighborhood. While there are many choices available to homeowners for how to increase the security of their home, a good option is a security screen door for both the back and front entrances.

If you've never thought about adding a security screen door, you might consider why it can be a good choice for your home:

1. They're simple

Even with the most basic alarm system, everyone in the family needs to remember the code used to enable and disable the alarm, and may easily forget to turn it on or switch it off when returning home. This can result in unpleasant instances of the alarm going off when it shouldn't, or of the alarm not even being armed when you're home at night or have left for the day. 

However, a security screen door is very simple to use; there are no codes to remember and it only involves turning around behind you and locking the door as you enter or exit, just as you would the front or back door. This provides simple security that works for anyone.

2. They're unobtrusive

Putting up cameras and motion detectors all over your property can make it seem like a prison, whereas a security screen door can be very unobtrusive and even very attractive. Today's security screen doors come in a wide variety of options for design and the type of metal they use, rather than just having bars across the front. The mesh screen may include a decorate scroll or other type of artwork, and you might choose a red or white color to coordinate with your home's brick or aluminum siding.

3. They provide 24-hour protection

You might not set your home's alarm during the day as you don't want it to sound when you open the front door to get the mail or simply walk outside, so you're vulnerable when inside. A security screen door can give you protection even when you're home and want to keep the inside door open. At night, a potential intruder can see the security door and realize how difficult it would be get past its security, and may choose another target for a potential break-in. This means 24-hour protection when you have security screen doors installed in your home.

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